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Herbicide Application & Roadside Mowing
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Herbicide Applications

Activities are recorded for Boulder County Parks & Open Space properties that are open to the public.

Start End Location Product Notes
2022/06/1406/14/20222022/06/1406/14/2022Pella Ponds, Sterns Lake, Dodd Reservoir, Gaynor LakeRodeo, ecoimazpyrSpillway treatment
2022/06/0906/09/20222022/06/0906/09/2022Longmont-Boulder TrailVista, Telar, Sulfentrazone, Hardball, Milestone7:30 am -12:30 pm from Lefthand Grange to Monarch
2022/06/0806/08/20222022/06/0806/08/2022Walker Range - All trailheads and trailsMilestone and QuinstarSpot spraying around trailhead and trails.
2022/06/0706/07/20222022/06/0706/07/2022Mayhoffer, Meadowlark TrailMilestone, Hardball, NISMost spot spraying will be done off of the trail.
2022/05/3105/31/20222022/05/3105/31/2022Longmont Boulder Trail Vista, Sulfentrazone Trail between 95th and Left Hand Grange, only afternoon spraying
2022/05/2605/26/20222022/05/2605/26/202255th St., 63rd St. Harball, Piperroadside spot spraying
2022/05/2505/25/20222022/05/2505/25/2022Hwy 52piper, Hardball
2022/05/2505/25/20222022/05/2505/25/2022Longmont Boulder TrailVista, Sulfentrazone, PiperAfternoon; work done between 95th and lefthand grange.
2022/05/1905/19/20222022/05/1905/19/2022Walker Ranch - Meyers Homestead Trail, Walker Loop, Josie Heath TrailHardball, Weedmaster, Milestone, Rejuvra This treatment will happen at the trailheads and along the trails. Spot spraying.
2022/05/1905/19/20222022/05/1905/19/2022Pella Ponds - Marlette TrailsHardball, WeedmasterWill be done by 10:30 am.
2022/05/1705/17/20222022/05/1705/17/2022Pella PondsHardball, Telar, Dicambaspot spraying
2022/05/1705/17/20222022/05/1705/17/2022CDOT HWY. 52, 55th St.Hardball, Piper roadside spot spraying
2022/05/1605/16/20222022/05/1605/16/2022Oxford Rd., 119th St., Quicksilver Rd., Pipit Rd. Hardball, Piper roadside spot spraying
2022/05/1005/10/20222022/05/1005/10/2022Pella Ponds - Trailhead, Marlette Trails and Braly Trails Hardball, Telar, Quinstar, Piper, VistaThis will be a spot treatment along the trail edges and parking lot
2022/05/0505/05/20222022/05/0505/05/202275th St., 95th St., Niwot Rd.Plainview SC; Piper; Roundup Pro Concentratebare-ground application under guardrails
2022/04/2804/28/20222022/04/2804/28/202295th St.; 75th St.; Niwot Rd.Plainview SC; Piper; Roundup Pro Concentratebare-ground application under guardrails
2022/04/2704/27/20222022/04/2704/27/2022Nelson Road; Niwot Road; 63rd StreetPlainview SC; Piper; Roundup Pro ConcentrateBare-ground application under guardrails
2022/04/2604/26/20222022/04/2604/26/202295th St., 75th St.Piper, Hardballspot spraying, mainly targeting Kochia and Curly Dock

Mowing Reports

Mowing activities are recorded for Boulder County county maintained roads.

Start End Location Notes