Boulder County’s Winter Hideaways for Kids: Fun in the Snow

Little girl making a snow angel.

As winter comes to Boulder County, it’s time for kids and families to enjoy the snowy wonderland. Although some of the activities listed below are great for a trip to an open space, others are perfect for your backyard. Remember, any activity on open space needs to leave no trace. This season is not just about cold and frost — it’s an invitation to have fun in the great outdoors. So, put on your warm coats and get ready for a world of snowflakes, laughter, and adventure.

Treasure Hunts in the Snow

Imagine going on a snowy adventure like the characters in a storybook. With a map or compass, kids can search for hidden treasures in the snow. Along the way, they’ll discover beautiful snowflakes on leaves, icicles in hidden spots, and enjoy the peaceful snowy meadows. Every step is like a new chapter in their adventure.

Snow Art

In this winter wonderland, kids can become artists. They can use sticks, spray bottles, and even edible colors to create art on the snowy canvas. They’ll have a blast making unique snow sculptures and adding their own colorful touches. Snow art is a great backyard activity.

Listening to Nature’s Music

Winter isn’t just about snow; it’s also about the sounds of nature. Kids can listen to the crunch of snow under their feet, the wind in the pine trees, and the gentle sound of snowflakes falling. It’s like a special music playlist created by nature.

Snowball Fun

A fresh layer of snow is an opportunity for some snowball fun. Kids can have a snowball fight, build forts, and use their imagination to become heroes, sorcerers, or mythical creatures. It’s a chance to create fun stories in the snow.

Snowy Picnics

Picnics are not just for warm days. Pack some hot soup, freshly baked bread, and cocoa, and have a picnic on the snow. The laughter of your family, surrounded by snowy trees, will make this picnic a special memory.

In Boulder County, this winter season offers endless opportunities for fun. With a dash of imagination and an eagerness to embrace the season’s magic, families can embark on extraordinary journeys that transform chilly days into a treasure trove of cherished memories. So, wrap yourselves in wonder, immerse in the enchantment, and let the snow-kissed playground whisk you into a world of limitless imagination.