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Bam! Fall Is Ramming Time for Bighorn Sheep Bam! Fall Is Ramming Time for Bighorn Sheep - The chilly air smelled like fall, and young Ramekin was confused. During the weeks since he’d joined the band of rams (male sheep), they’d spent their days calmly eating and resting. But that fall day, the mood turned tense. Ramekin saw some of the older rams in staring matches. Even though he was a young […]
Nature Detectives Toads Have Warts… And That’s Good! - Warts on your skin are not good. Warts can occur when a virus sneaks into human skin through a cut. A medicine gets rid of the virus and then it’s good-bye ugly wart. Toad warts look slightly like human warts, but toad warts and people warts are not one bit the same. Toad warts are […]
Nature Detectives - Daddy Long Legs Daddy Long-legs & The Playground Myth - Have you ever wondered about daddy long-legs? You might know they aren’t spiders, even though they certainly resemble spiders with their eight flimsy legs. Maybe you spotted a daddy long-legs on the school playground? They are fairly common to find in shady places such as under a slide, beside the building, or on a wall. […]
Nature Detectives A Gray Fox in a Tree - The two young friends shed their backpacks and plopped down on opposite sides of a flat rock. Jamie gazed up at a gnarled, old aspen tree next to the trail. “I’d really like to see a gray fox in that tree…or any tree.” Kelly snorted. “Yeah, like that’s ever going to happen. Foxes don’t climb […]
Nature Detectives Mars Be Seeing You, Mars! - Mars doesn’t shine very bright in our night sky usually, but this fall the planet will rival glowing Jupiter for brilliance. Mars gets a chance to shine big every couple years, and this year is one of those times. The reason Mars is growing brighter now is because Earth is about to race past it. […]
The Screechy Red-Winged Blackbird - A red-winged blackbird balanced on top of a swaying cattail stalk and looked around Cottonwood Marsh. His nickname was Red, and it was the second year Red had claimed part of the marsh as his territory. He spread his tail, and hunched his wings to show off vivid red shoulder patches. He called, “My territory-eee!” […]
Park Ranger on Patrol - Ranger Erin climbed into her patrol car and pushed the talk button on her radio. Her first task was to let the dispatch operator know she was on duty–starting now. For the next ten hours Erin would be patrolling Boulder County Parks & Open Space. Her job: helping visitors while at the same time protecting […]
River Otters Inhabit Local Waters - The river otter pups were seven months old now, and this chilly morning was the first time they saw cold, white stuff on the ground. Snow! They quickly discovered they could slide on their bellies on snow just like they slid on mud. It was much easier and faster to slide than to run on […]
Dung and Burying Beetles Reuse and Recycle - Bees and other pollinators get a lot of praise. That’s good because they play a vital role in the lifecycle of plants. But don’t overlook the beetles that reuse and recycle poop and dead animals. Without dung beetles and burying beetles our world would not be so sweet. Picture in your mind what your street […]
Would You Like to Live on the Moon? - The moon would be a convenient place to live if you were an astronomer studying the stars and the planets. As Earthlings, our view of outer space is a little hazy because we view all worlds beyond Earth through our atmosphere. The view of outer space from the moon is much clearer because the moon […]


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