Volunteer With Us

Volunteer With Us

Boulder County enjoys a unique and spectacular setting along the Front Range of the Southern Rocky Mountains. Volunteers have played a significant role in caring for our open spaces for the past four decades. The Volunteer Naturalist program started in 1975, the same year the department was founded. Over the years, opportunities have grown to engage volunteers in almost all land management activities. You can join a one-time service project or commit to longer-term positions. Volunteer opportunities are year-round!

What I know for sure is that volunteers join Boulder County Parks & Open Space for many reasons. Retirement gives them time to contribute to the community; others are looking for hands-on experience as they consider new hobbies or career options—and many just want to get away from their desks and spend time outdoors.

One of the most fulfilling ways to give back to the community is by volunteering. These are some of the rewards you’ll likely enjoy when volunteering with us:

  • Spending time in nature.
  • Ensuring the continuing vitality and health of our open spaces.
  • Getting to know your local open space properties.
  • Gaining new skills.
  • Making an impact on quality of life in Boulder County.
  • Sharing the history of this area with a variety of groups.
  • Meeting new people, building lasting relationships, and having fun!

National Volunteer Week
April 17 – 21, 2023

National Volunteer Week was created in 1974 to highlight the impact and power of volunteerism.

Below is an impressive snapshot of the level of community engagement from last year – thanks to everyone who helped steward our local open spaces!

  • Volunteers in 2022: 810
  • Contributed Hours: 15,847
  • One Day Project Volunteers: 1,492
  • Contributed: 5,047 hours

2023 Volunteer Opportunities


Rangeland Health Monitor: Photograph locations to monitor trends over time.


Sort Yard Host: Greet people, collect data, and provide information on forest ecology.


Native Seed Garden Steward: Plant and monitor seed development, pull weeds, collect seed, and harvest plants.


Shrub Browse Monitor: Track shrub health in the elk management areas of Ron Stewart Preserve and Red Hill.

Raptor Monitor: Observe, record, and report data relating to nesting raptors.

Left Hand Outdoor Challenge

Boulder County youth, ages 14-18, participate in nine monthly challenges that focus on outdoor exploration, environmental stewardship, and careers in the outdoors. Volunteer adult mentors help lead youth and strengthen their connection to the outdoors.

“Images” Magazine Writer

Research and write articles about local natural and cultural resources, county open space properties, and open space management.

Parks & Open Space Advisory Committee

Members attend monthly meetings to provide input on open space policies and plans.

Visitor Education & Public Outreach

I love the enthusiasm of the people who attend programs, especially the kids.
– Agricultural Heritage Center Volunteer

Agricultural Heritage Center: 

  • Animal Caretaker
  • Tour Guide
  • Gardening

Altona Educator: Share this historic one-room school with field trip groups and trail users.

Mining Museums Guide: Welcome visitors and share information about the museum and historical mining communities.

Walker Ranch Living History: Demonstrate chores and games of a 19th-century ranch to families, seniors, and school groups.

Volunteer Naturalist: Develop and present natural history programs to families, schools, and other groups.

Volunteer Ranger Corps: Patrol trails while providing visitors with information and collect visitor data. Assist with community outreach.

For More Information

Check our volunteer page for current volunteer opportunities or contact the staff below.