Winter Walking Guide

Popcorn, hot cocoa and Netflix might beckon you to the couch during cold winter months. But on some days, blue skies and crisp, cold air can beckon you to venture outside for a walk. And if the cold air isn’t enticing, your fitness tracker may be reminding you that the distance from the couch to the fridge doesn’t add up to 10,000 steps.

Sidewalks might seem like the only option for a winter sojourn, but many Boulder County open spaces have trails that can be enjoyed year-round and don’t require spending two hours gathering skis, snowshoes or avalanche beacons.

Trails To Try

We picked these trails because the snow typically isn’t too deep, the terrain is mostly level, and the properties are easy to reach.

Property Trail Name Miles Approx. Steps
Carolyn Holmberg Preserve at Rock Creek Farm Cradleboard Trail 1.3 2,600
  Mary Miller Trail 1.5 3,000
Hall Ranch Antelope Trail 1 2,000
  Nighthawk Trail 4.7 9,400
Lagerman Lagerman Loop 1.6 3,200
Rabbit Mountain Eagle Wind Trail 2.5 (loop) 5,000
  Indian Mesa Trail 2.2 4,400
  Little Thompson Overlook Trail 1.5 3,000
Regional trails Mayhoffer Trail (W. Thomas St. to S. 66th Street, Superior) 0.69 1,380
  Meadowlark Trail  (Caolton Trailhead to W. Thomas St., Superior) 2.8 5,600
  Aquarius Trailhead to South Public Rd  Trailhead in Louisville 2.5 5,000
  South Public Rd Trailhead in Louisville to Flagg Park Trailhead in Lafayette 2.3 4600
Twin Lakes   1.4 (loop) 2,800
Walden Ponds Wildlife Habitat   2.9 (loop) 5,800
Walker  Ranch Meyers Homestead Trail 2.5 5,000

Stability On The Trail

Traction helpers: When conditions seem slippery,  using metal cleats or coils that strap to the bottom of your shoe can help your shoes or boots grab the snow.

Another option is crampons which resemble little ice axes on the tips of your shoes. I thought crampons were only for mountain climbers, but less extreme, lighter-weight versions are available for those of us not climbing Everest.

Walking poles can help with balance, and as a bonus, offer a little upper-body workout.