Community Partners

EMC2 Partner

Our partners have accomplished an amazing amount of important stewardship work over the last eight years. Under the leadership of our dedicated volunteer projects team, our Partnership Program businesses and organizations participated in conservancy projects.

This work is extremely valuable to the county. In fact, almost 36,000 volunteer hours have been performed by our partners since 2009—a value of over $848,000!

In addition to the financial savings, involving our partners in inspirational and educational experiences is important. These one-day projects enhance appreciation of environmental stewardship among county residents. Our volunteer coordinator team—Ari Addes, Carrie Cimo, Shane Milne and Craig Sommers—along with rest of the department staff are incredibly grateful to the devoted employees and members of our partner groups who participate in the work projects which help keep our public lands flourishing and our community engaged.

Who Are Our Partners?

Groups participating in at least one volunteer project each year since 2008: ABT Associates (formerly Stratus Consulting), Backpacker Magazine, Boulder Area Trails Coalition, Boulder County Horse Association, Boulder Mountainbike Alliance, Boulder Trail Runners, Boy Scouts of Boulder County, Corden Pharma, Geocachers, Mapleton School Districts, New Vista High School, Redstone Cyclery, Smartwool, and the University of Colorado – MBA Program.

Organizations participating in annual volunteer projects after 2008: Alexander Dawson School, Alpha Phi Omega, Behind the Red, Boulder Climbing Community, Boulder Country Day School, Defenders of Wildlife, EMC2, Foothills United Way, Google, Lefthand Outdoor Challenge, Level 3 Cares, NetApp, Olde Columbine High School, Oncore Manufacturing, Qualcomm, Rally Software, Singletrack Mountain Bike Adventures, Tetratech, Thornton Youth Volunteer Corps, Ultrarunners, University of Colorado – Program for Writing & Rhetoric, vAuto Stockwave, Volunteers for Outdoors Colorado, WILD Foundation, Wildland Restoration Volunteers, and Zeal Optics.

New Partners: We welcomed the following new businesses and organizations to our program in 2016: Community United Church of Christ, Emerson – Micro Motion, Recurly, Sam’s Club Longmont and SOVRN.

Work Accomplished Since 2008

  • Agriculture: 6,000 feet of irrigation ditches cleaned, 10 acres of rangeland restored, and 2,200 pounds of food gleaned and donated to Community Food Share
  • Wildlife-Related Projects: 25,000 feet of prairie dog barrier and fence constructed and maintained, 395 tree cages installed, and almost 18,000 feet of fence removed
  • Weeds: 652 invasive Russian olive trees removed, and 35 acres of weeds eradicated
  • Forestry: 522 slash piles built from forest thinning projects, 437 slash piles restored after winter burning, eight acres of forest floor raked in preparation and 14, 500 feet of fire road restored for controlled burns, 42 acres of forest and trail area restored, and 14,500 feet of fire road restored after controlled burns
  • Facilities: 113 acres of debris cleared, 300 tires removed, 17 tons of trash collected, 30 tons of fill moved, and 4,800 feet of buildings painted
  • Plant Ecology: 27,000 grass, sedge, perennials and trees planted, 140 pounds of native seed collected, 60 tree cages removed, 200+ bushes and trees lopped and 47 acres of land restored
  • Trails: 23 miles of trails maintained, restored and improved

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