Hard Rock Mining Tour: Argo Mine

Argo Mine

Getting There

This site is closed to the public for safety reasons

Located near Jamestown, Argo Mine opened in 1875 and was originally mined for gold and silver. Called the Kismet Mine for its first four years of operation, Argo switched to fluorspar mining in 1911.

Although it closed its doors in the 1920s, the mine still continued to affect the area. Tailings seeped into Little James Creek, contaminating the Left Hand Canyon water supply with harmful metals. After purchasing the mine in 2000, Boulder County Parks and Open Space received a grant in 2006 from the Environmental Protection Agency to clean the site.

Did You Know?

Mine cleanup operations are big business today. Total cleanup estimates for abandoned mines in the U.S. range from $32 billion to $72 billion! According to the Environmental Protection Agency, at least 40% of headwater streams in the west are contaminated by mine waste.


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