What a Difference a Year Makes

Every year, various work groups at Parks & Open Space finish projects. Some, like trails and property openings, are very visible to the public. Others are less prominent, but no less important. Here are a few projects that were finished up in 2019 to show what a difference the efforts of the department make.

Plant Ecology

Before and after photos at the Brewbaker Sorenson property

The department partnered with North State Environmental to reconstruct approximately 2,000 feet of stream at the Brewbaker Sorenson property. Work included creating a more sinuous channel alignment, bank stabilization using large wood and boulders, constructing riffles and pools, and floodplain grading. The project will improve the quality of the aquatic, riparian, and wetland habitat, restore stream function, and reduce future flood risk to the open space and neighboring properties.

Weed Management

Hall Ranch Before and After

This is a 28 ½ acre cheatgrass treatment site at Hall  Ranch. The picture on the left shows the site prior to being treated with 7oz. per acre of Esplanade + 12oz. per acre of glyphosate and nonionic surfactant at a 1% solution. The picture on the right shows the amazing results approximately six months later.


Reynolds Ranch Before and After

A forest management project at Reynolds Ranch Open Space promoted the enhancement of aspen trees which were slowly being overtopped by conifer species. Aspen enhancement is important because aspen forests generally have a lower fire risk than conifer species, but aspen stands also foster an incredible diversity of flora and fauna.